Howitzer made from lengths of PVC stacked on a broken toy fire truck ladder cradle on a Model LX Electrolux vacuum cleaner on a Bag Boy golf bag cart.

The Browning Cal. 30 water cooled machine gun above was made from a plumber's flushing gun. A coin mechanism from a newspaper stand was welded between the tank and the handle. Bullets made from spikes.

This 8' assemblage was created on my 50th birthday. My wife asked guests to bring a piece of scrap or junk instead of the usual 'over the hill' paraphernalia. During the party I welded the 'gifts'  into this piece called Sturgis, the Morning After.

Plumber's All Purpose Flushing Gun  from Miller Sewer Rod Company, Chicago

Anti aircraft gun made from old log splitter (hydraulic cylinder), shovel handle, elec box/bell, chair swivel, and antenna tripod.

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